Mark Ciani

Mark Ciani has been a lesser known, but persistent presence in the New York City music scene for the better part of 25 years.  Starting off as a songwriter and keyboardist for punk ska band Freaks from the Apocalypse in the 1990s, Mark established himself as a dynamic performer and compelling writer.  In the 2000s, Mark stepped away from live performance and went on to ghost write for independent artists in and around New York CIty.  Somewhere along the way, Mark started a career as a lawyer, but maintained a presence in New York.  Beginning in 2012, Mark played keyboards, and wrote and produced for his own projects, each released under a different moniker, including Stone Mountain Station's Electric Silence, The Alternative Facts' Don't Worry, Babe, Model Citizen's The Next Life, and Crane Kick's Midlife Crisis.

In 2022, Mark assumed lead singer duties on his first project under his own name, the two albums titled King of Death and King of Death Returns.  Those albums feature a collective 20 tracks, ranging from Beatles-era pastiche, to Bowie-era art rock, to the guitar bands of 90s and 00s indie rock.  Linked by Mark's voice and the frequent use of string and horn quartets, the albums are cohesive, yet massive in scope and ambition.  

Mark's latest album, Sad Robot, extends the King of Death sound to new heights.  Featuring 12 songs about the futility of ambition and free will, and about the surprising, tragic and dark nature of love, Mark takes the band through a cycle of songs, both cinematic and intimate at the same time.